About Us

We are a bunch of crazy techies, crazy to work with IP and networking tools. We feel happy when get chance to share our experiences and learn from others. We always believe that knowledge is meant to share and it is an efficient way to enhance expertise specially in the ever changing field of computer networking and Internet technologies. We organize technical workshops and trainings on Internet operational technologies and Best Current Practices (BCP).

Our team members and trainers came from diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are real network professionals, our day job is to fix (and sometimes BREAK!) Internet and networks. We did mistakes and learned our lessons, and now we would like to share our experiences with others so that they don’t need to commit the same mistakes ever again.

Some of us work with routing and switching, some are with system administrations and some are with network and cyber security. We’re a good team to combine these diverse knowledge together to enhance the quality of our training. You are welcome to join our team if you think you have certain skills that are aligned with our activities.