RPKI ROA in Maldives

* Forth-nightly updated. Last update: 17 Jun 2020
* Reach out to the maintainer at awal@nsrc.org for queries.

SerialOrganization NameAS NumberTotal v4 PrefixTotal v6 PrefixInvalid v4 PrefixInvalid v6 PrefixNot-found v4 PrefixNot-found v6 Prefix
1SatLink Pvt LtdAS136238610000
2Media Net Pvt LtdAS136234100010
3Villa Shipping and Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.AS137477100000
4Maldives Customs ServiceAS132218100000
5Tree Top Health Pvt. Ltd.AS137056100000
7Ooredoo Maldives PlcAS5594432130003
8National Centre for Information TechnologyAS24184100010
9Focus Infocom Private LimitedAS240166000000
10State Trading Organization PlcAS133742110000
11Dhiraagu Plc.AS135053010000
12Bank of Maldives PlcAS137981200000